Laundry Renovations Gold Coast | Linen Closet Builds

Are you looking to update your laundry? The difference between an outdated, run-down laundry and a modern, practicable laundry is just a phone call away! Kitchen Call are the experts you can rely on when it comes to laundry renovations on the Gold Coast. From tiling and fittings, to cabinets and linen closets, we can help turn your laundry around and give you the modern laundry renovation you desire, generally within a 10 to 15 day project period. By updating your space and employing Kitchen Call for a laundry renovation on the Gold Coast, you can even reap the long-term reward of increasing the value of your home into the future.

As well as our laundry renovation service, Kitchen Call also offer top quality linen closet builds. Optimise the space and convenience of your linen cupboards with our help! Using the very best in European hardware, we offer linen closet builds on the Gold Coast and can customise the space of your cupboards to ensure that you’re getting the most out of not only your laundry, but your entire home. No matter the size of space you have available in your home, unit or townhouse, Kitchen Call can build a custom linen closet that meets your specific needs, all while sticking to an affordable budget.

Let the friendly team at Kitchen Call organise a quote for your next laundry renovation or linen closet build on the Gold Coast, and watch us bring your ideas to life! Call us today on 0413 175 827.